Hey guys!! I’m making this post for all of the other students/college students who are like me.
I have a really hard time keeping track of my homework assignments for each class/when they’re due, and sometimes that causes me to get assignments done late because I start jumbling up when shit for which class is due. I know paper agendas are a thing, but sometimes I have projects that aren’t due for weeks, so having when it was assigned 3 pages back isn’t going to help me remember it/keep track of when I should do it.

However! I found this nifty website called!!!

Basically, you can input your classes/class times, and your homework, and set when your homework is due, and it will sort out when you need to get your homework done, and even tell you if you’re late on any of your assignments. It’s even color coded!

You can even set it to when it should remind you to work on your specific homework assignment, set certain assignments to different priorities, and even highlights ones that are due soon (see the one up there that’s in orange, since it’s 2:30am here, that’s technically due today OTL).

 I didn’t even have to make an account, I just hooked it up to my facebook account because I’m a lazy motherfucker!!!!

But yeah you guys should give it a shot if you’re like me and have a really hard time keeping track of homework/when you should work on it/scheduling in general, and paper agendas aren’t flipping the bill.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Just wondering, could you link me to any bottom!dean gangbang fics you have/know of? And any needy!whiny!bottom!dean too. Thank you!



I’m not really able to be very thorough with this so I’m just going to give you links to some of my stuff so you can at least have something to go through. Not sure if you’ve read any of it or not. PLEASE read the tags because the variety of kinks/themes that I work with for prompts varies greatly. I know some of the prompts are darker (they are ALL tagged with kinks/etc).

Gangbang (ignore the top one that is a gangbang with Cas unless you would also enjoy it then consider if a bonus he does get thoroughly gangbanged after all)

Cockslut!Dean (this one would probably be more along the lines of a needy!bottom!dean or at least a Dean who loves being fucked)

Threesome/Foursome/Moresome (not quite gangbang but usually multiple people with Dean though there might be some without Dean…the prompt will let you know if that is the case but those that don’t have Dean will have Cas)

Omega!Dean (I’m not sure on your thoughts of ABO BUT the ABO verse often has lots of needy!whiny!bottom!omega!dean which can be a great thing…but again you’ll want to thoroughly read the tags)

I hope at least one of those tags has something of interest for you and that your search for gangbang bottom!dean and needy!whiny!bottom!dean is successful. If you couldn’t tell I’m a huge fan of bottom!dean.


It’s essay writing season for tons of students!

After being a college writing tutor for over a year, I thought I would share my advice with all you awesome people on tumblr. This is how I write essays, but if you’ve got more tips, feel free to add them below. 

Happy writing. You can do it!


Let me link Yall’ to this holy grail.
I present to you Character Design Reference
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I couldn’t even include all of the reference boards this blog contains on this photoset. That’s right! There’s EVEN MORE! There are pages and pages of them! It is an inspiration treasure trove!
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Fill your life with inspiration!





I just watched a kid break down in the bookstore because his books for the semester totaled $600 and that’s the american university system in a nutshell

I was on the verge of tears when I got to the cashier so yeah, that’s messed up

Go here and just, don’t waste any more money okay?


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INFMETRY star projector.

I really genuinely want this.

Oh, this is cool, but I bet it’s one of those insanely expensive things I’ll never be able to have in a million years.


Some assembly required, but it looks fun to assemble. AND THOSE RESULTS HOLY CRAP

Yep, added to my wishlist, for sure!

$22?!? I know what want for Christmas this year…

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This is an accessory store where everything is $1.

They even have cosmetics! brushes, lipstick, and lashes as well as cute socks and panties!!


(Here is the fic rec an Anon requested. Hope you enjoy it lovely and let me know if you want it to be longer!!)

Mazel Tov

Fill for this prompt: how about dean being fucked by the Golem, with Aaron joining in as well

Spitroasting, Threesome

(Short but well written)

The Minor Fall


(I am horrible!! First I make you wait forever and then I can only find two fucking fics ‘cause Castiel is apparently the only needy one and I also couldn’t find whiny!Dean! Gosh, I am so sorry. For an Anon who knows what they want. Hope you like it but you probably won’t.)

Sweetest Taboo

Somewhere along the way, the lines between friendly touches and blatantly obvious intentions were blurred into nearly synonymous actions. And about a second after that was found to be fact, Castiel confronted him in the middle of the bunker’s kitchen with the casual observation, “you think about me when you masturbate.”